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Swell Health

Clinical support when you need it.

About Us

What we offer

Swell Health is a health-service delivery program with a focus on bridging specialty and primary care services.​


Our team supports your unique health journey with personalized health services and even supply delivery! 


What we can do:
  • Patient history review and evaluation

  • Coordination of health services

  • Virtual Care

  • Delivery of at-home test kits

  • Referrals to health services

  • Health screenings for conditions such as:

    • Kidney Disease

    • Lung cancer screenings

    • Colon cancer screenings

    • Coordination to understand which preventive and cancer tests may be missing and recommended screenings.

  • Pharmacy Delivery coming Summer 2024!

Services and Care

Clinical support when you need it.
Virtual Support

Get virtual support and advice on health maintenance care needs.

Our clinical team is here to help. 

Preventive Education

Preventive healthcare is crucial in maintaining a healthy lifestyle.  From regular checkups to healthy habits, we aim to help people make informed decisions about their health.

Navigate Health

Ensure all teams are on the same page. This service can help patients navigate the healthcare system more easily and achieve better health outcomes. 

At Home Support

Manage care efficiently with labs, care evaluations and virtual care.
With our platform, patients can receive personalized care

in their home.​

Prescription Delivery Coming
Summer 2024!!!

Let's work toward health. Together.

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